What is QWerkyness.com?

We are all looking for something or somewhere different or unusual…well, look no further! We work hard at centralising all things quirky – places to stay over, visit for the day, enjoy a meal, grab a coffee, visit a bar and entertain yourselves. Also, you can read about quirky things in our Just QWerky section.

What is QWerkyness?

QWerkyness is weird in a good way, different from the ordinary, an elaborate unnecessary lifestyle. QWerkyness is strange but cool. Our mission is to be the number one site in the United Kingdom where you will find out about all things that are quirky. The dictionary spelling of QWerkyness is ‘quirkiness’, maybe one day quirkiness will be known as ‘QWerkyness’.

The QWerkyness concept

QWerkyness started when Mr Q and Mrs W were frustrated trying to find quirky destinations to visit. They discovered great destinations only to find many of them were half way around the world and they could only dream of visiting. The aim of QWerkyness is to centralise all the quirky places in UK for us all to enjoy.

How do I use the site?

If you like quirky things then you will want to know what is interesting or unusual in the area you are visiting. Use the QWerky map to look up QWerky things in an area or just use the search bar for the quirky category you want. You can view all listings to show every single one of our QWerky listings across the United Kingdom.

Your role in this

Rate how quirky you find things on our site. People who have quirky venues are generally quirky people, tell them via our website of any ideas you have for their venue that could add a little bit more quirkiness to their offer.

Are we missing a trick?

Have we missed a quirky something? Tell us about it and see how quickly we research it and list it on the site. New things are added all the time, keeping the site fresh and interesting. Follow us on social media to learn about our new listings in advance.