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QWerky Optical Illusion Tattoo

Tattoos are something of a fashion statement these days, and there are plenty of them going around. Take a stroll down the high street and within minutes you’ll have seen bodyart in various shapes, sizes and locations. All of us have seen good tattoos, plenty of bad tattoos and, every now and again, tattoos that are […]

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QWerky Nail Clipping Art

We came across an article about Art made from nail clippings and laughed. When we researched it we were happy to see that the artist, Rachel Betty Case defines her style as “humorous and shocking, yet refined and sophisticated”. That was lucky as laughing at her work was perhaps at the outset a little rude […]

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QWerky Pancake Art

Most of us were told not to play with our food when we were children, but playing with your food doesn’t always have to be chalked down as bad table manners. Sometimes, when done correctly, it can be used to create fascinating and quirky art, as demonstrated by Saipancakes!

Saipancakes is a website dedicated to pancake […]

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QWerky Night Sky Photography


Do you ever just gaze up at the night sky and admire the stars? Have you noticed that the longer you look, the more stars appear, twinkling into view one by one until the inky darkness has transformed into a canvas of light? Well, Italian Landscape Photographer Maurizio Pignotti is somebody who clearly enjoys looking up to […]

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QWerky Toothpaste Art

Toothpaste Art supremo Cristiam Ramos uses a quirky approach to celebrity portraits using TOOTHPASTE to create intricate profiles of famous stars. The pictures shown are Robin Williams, Sir Elton John, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga as well as Van Gogh all painted using the quirky technique.

Each piece of toothpaste art takes up to 200 hours to […]

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