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QWerky Luxury Christmas Crackers

When we talk about luxury Christmas crackers, we are generally referring to the ones that cost a bit more, which you get from a nice department store, rather than the budget selection from the supermarket – where you may get a metal pen or a mini screwdriver set instead of a cheap plastic frog or […]

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QWerky South African Home

Small living quarters have never looked quite so appealing as this charming little box house. The POD-Indawo is a prefabricated home that has been developed by a team of designers and architects based in Johannesburg. It is somewhat small in stature, but don’t let its size deceive you – this South African home is fitted […]

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QWerky Bookcase Chair

It’s a situation every bibliophile has experienced – you’re sitting in your favourite chair; warm, comfortable and ready to settle down and read the paperback that currently has you hooked. But there’s a problem. Your book is way across the room on the bookcase or, heaven forbid, upstairs on your bedside table. You’re going to […]

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QWerky 3D Selfie

The term ‘selfie’ seems to have popped up out of nowhere in recent years, and by now everyone and their grandparents know what one is. Whether you consider the phenomenon a fun way to check out your appearance or the ultimate indulgence into narcissism, there’s no doubt that selfies look like they’re here to stay.

Well now Code3D, a […]

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