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QWerky Naturist Village

It can sometimes be difficult to fit in with a new community when you move home, but Spielplatz in Hertfordshire may take ‘knowing your neighbours’ to a whole new level. The small village, which has an average age of over 60, is Britain’s only naked village!

While Spielplatz may have kept itself secretive and away from […]

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QWerky Tastebud Insurance

It’s not unheard of for people to insure their most valuable assets, and if it’s vital to their career then it is probably a smart move. Heidi Klum famously insured her long legs for $2m back in 2004, and Dolly Parton has insured her, ahem, most famous assets for $300,000. Apparently it’s not just those […]

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QWerky Optical Illusion Tattoo

Tattoos are something of a fashion statement these days, and there are plenty of them going around. Take a stroll down the high street and within minutes you’ll have seen bodyart in various shapes, sizes and locations. All of us have seen good tattoos, plenty of bad tattoos and, every now and again, tattoos that are […]

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QWerky Worm Nuggets

You may have read recently than insects are being hailed as a nutritious, environmentally friendly substitute to the staple meats that we generally serve for dinner. The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation have quite publicly stated that insects are a good source of protein and are healthy, nutritious alternatives to chicken, pork, beef and fish. They […]

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QWerky Wedding Cheese Cakes

There’s an old saying that goes: ‘the most important aspect of any wedding is a good cake’. In actual fact, it is less of a saying and more what goes through my mind when a wedding invite comes through the letterbox. A good buffet comes a close second!

There is no denying that wedding cakes are impressive […]

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QWerky British Problems

Not hearing someone for the third time, so just laughing and hoping for the best

— VeryBritishProblems (@SoVeryBritish) April 4, 2014
There’s something inherently quirky about being British. It’s not just a nationality – Britishness is a state of being; an apologetic politeness; an awkward awareness of everybody nearby and what they may be thinking about you at […]

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Vintage Ice Cream Van

Everybody, no matter who they are, loves an ice cream van. There’s a certain magic to the jingle of the music as it comes around the corner – we find ourselves instantly reminiscent of hot summer days, grass stains on our elbows and childhood excitement. Sure, a 99 flake doesn’t cost 99p anymore (why, cruel world?!) […]

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