This is a less-than-sanitary subject to broach, so we’ll keep our descriptive text to a minimum here. As a precautionary measure, maybe you’d like to put your sandwich down before you continue reading…

Done? Good. Well re-usable energy is always a hot topic these days. We are living in a world that is more environmentally-conscious than it used to be, and it seems that a bus service in the South West has taken some interesting steps to lower their carbon footprint. So what could this vehicle’s solution be? Water energy? Wind power? Solar panels on the roof? … No. This public transportation is powered by poo!

The forty-seater Bio-Bus, which is a shuttle service between Bristol and Bath, is running on gas generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste. Well it should certainly be a sustainable source of fuel!


So what do you think? Is poo-powered transportation the future, or is it just a load of crap?!