Luxury Christmas crackers

When we talk about luxury Christmas crackers, we are generally referring to the ones that cost a bit more, which you get from a nice department store, rather than the budget selection from the supermarket – where you may get a metal pen or a mini screwdriver set instead of a cheap plastic frog or a flimsy comb. However, – a luxury launches website – has released their version of luxury Christmas crackers, and somehow we don’t think we’ll be pulling them around our dinner table this year.

The crackers have been labelled as the most expensive in the world, and we can see why! Recipients of these crackers could expect to find the keys to a £190,000 Aston Martin Vanquish inside the explosive tube, an £18,600 Cartier diamond necklace, a £77,500 trip of a lifetime, or even a £3.7m luxury yacht! We’re guessing it’s just a coupon for the yacht, otherwise the fact that one of the crackers is 87 feet long may be a bit of a giveaway.

A standard box of these crackers will cost over £4m, but we bet they still contain rubbish jokes!