We came across an article about Art made from nail clippings and laughed. When we researched it we were happy to see that the artist, Rachel Betty Case defines her style as “humorous and shocking, yet refined and sophisticated”. That was lucky as laughing at her work was perhaps at the outset a little rude of us.

fingernail art pic of artistHowever she has said in an interview: “When people found out I made art out of nail clippings and belly button lint some would scream, some would gag, some would stare blankly. Some would laugh and one even told me I was ‘the most disgusting person on Earth’ every reaction is different and I treasure all of them”.

She is a true artist – she’s not afraid of doing what she finds fun and fascinating. She refers to her medium as human ivory and acknowledges fingernail and toe nails are not bones. She’d like to point out ivory from elephant tusks are not bone either but teeth which is made from different materials. However, our fingernail and toenails are intrinsically part of our skeletal structure as they are connected to our finger and toe bones.

We love that Rachel makes Jewellery and sculptures out of nail clippings and whilst she is believed to be the first artist to use this medium we think that all those nail technicians doing Gel and acrylic nails will look at the clippings in a different way. They are certainly the people who can collect enough material to start their new type of art.

See more of Rachel’s art here.

So what for the future? Nail Clipping art galleries? Watch this space as we will advertise it here on QWerkyness.com

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