There’s an old saying that goes: ‘the most important aspect of any wedding is a good cake’. In actual fact, it is less of a saying and more what goes through my mind when a wedding invite comes through the letterbox. A good buffet comes a close second!

There is no denying that wedding cakes are impressive and iconic. They are multi-tiered behemoths of virginal white fondant, light moist sponge and intricately-iced decorations. But what if you don’t have a sweet tooth? Should you just have a sugary cake that you won’t necessarily enjoy at your wedding, or is there another option?

May I present to you: wedding cheese cakes! Not a cheesecake in the sense that most of us are familiar with, but a multi-tiered behemoth made from – you guessed it – cheese! Huge wheels of delicious, decadent cheese layered atop each other and decorated in a manner not unlike a traditional wedding cake. We think this is a fantastic idea for anybody whose tastes lean more toward the savoury. No, scrap that. We think this is a fantastic idea for anybody! You could have your regular cake sitting proudly beside your cheese cake, and people could choose from either or both.

Wedding cheese cakes black&whitecake3 mini_wedding_cake_no.2 xtra-large-wedding-cheese-cake

You can order a wedding cheese cake from The Cheese Society. Click here to see their scrumptious selection.