You may have read recently than insects are being hailed as a nutritious, environmentally friendly substitute to the staple meats that we generally serve for dinner. The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation have quite publicly stated that insects are a good source of protein and are healthy, nutritious alternatives to chicken, pork, beef and fish. They also don’t emit greenhouse gases, which is a big advantage over current livestock!

It’s one thing to report on the nutritional value of crickets and worms, but it’s a very big leap from that to convince us to actually eat them! Or is it? A university in Belgium has been granted approval to serve insect-based produce in the canteen, and, believe it or not, it’s been a huge success for them! They started the students off on worm burgers, and now worm nuggets have graced the menu.

While it may be taking off in Brussels, we think we’re going to be sticking with more regular sources of protein for now. We’d advise that you also think twice next time you’re about to buy a “meat kebab” at the end of a night out – meat may be a broader term than we thought!