Everybody, no matter who they are, loves an ice cream van. There’s a certain magic to the jingle of the music as it comes around the corner – we find ourselves instantly reminiscent of hot summer days, grass stains on our elbows and childhood excitement. Sure, a 99 flake doesn’t cost 99p anymore (why, cruel world?!) but there’s still an irreplaceable charm in the delights of an ice cream van. Vintage Scoops, based near Brighton, have realised our nation’s obsession with ice cream and combined it with our love of the good old times and yesteryear to bring us Betty.

Betty is a 1973 ice cream van that has been beautifully remodelled as a nostalgic gem. From the baby blue paintjob to the quirky bunting, they have done a great job of creating a vintage ’50s van that’s a pleasure to look at. And best of all, it’s available to book for parties, weddings and just about any gathering you can think of – serving locally sourced ice cream in all the classic flavours, as well as allowing you to invent your own bespoke flavours of ice cream, or even alcoholic sorbets!

Kids will absolutely love this ice cream van … well at least they will if they can get there before the adults eat it all!

Check out Vintage Scoops’ website here.